Recent talks

Of course, there’s no substitute for meeting up at church in person, but sometimes that’s not possible. Enjoy! Get in touch if you want to follow up on anything you hear in one of our recent talks.

Matt 13

Matthew 13.1-23

Matthew 13.24-43

Matthew 13.31-33


Is it reasonable

Is is reasonable to believe that Jesus lived, died and rose again?

Is it reasonable to believe in a good God when the world is a mess?

Is it reasonable to believe in a good God when his people do evil?

Is it reasonable to be an atheist?

Is it reasonable to be a secularist?

Is it reasonable to be a consumerist?

Is it reasonable to want to be a victim of society?



Luke 19.28-40


Finish Line Faith

Revelation 3.13-22

Revelation 3.7-12

Revelation 3.1-6

Revelation 2.18-29

Revelation 2.12-17

Revelation 2.8-11



Jeremiah 23.5-8


Autumn 2017

Philippians 4.10-23

Philippians 3.15-4.9

Philippians 3.1-10

Philippians 2.12-30

Philippians 1.23-2.11

Philippians 1.12-22

Philippians 1.1-11


Summer 2017

Psalm 127 – 13th August 2017

Psalm 121 – 30th July 2017

Matthew 7.24-29 – 23rd July 2017

Matthew 7.13-23 – 16th July 2017